EcoPark South team begin the next phase of construction

Construction of the external structure of a new Resource Recovery Facility (RRF) and public Reuse and Recycling Centre at Edmonton EcoPark started this month, representing the most significant investment in recycling infrastructure north London has seen for a generation.

The construction milestone is part of the North London Heat and Power Project (NLHPP) a nationally significant infrastructure project being delivered by North London Waste Authority (NLWA) to help boost recycling rates and drive a Net Zero future in north London.

Over the next four months, our team will use nearly 3,000 tonnes of steel to construct the RRF which will be one of the largest publicly owned facilities of its kind in London. Once complete, the RRF will have capacity to recover an extra 135,000 tonnes of recyclable material every year that would have otherwise been disposed of. As part of the RRF, a public Reuse and Recycling Centre is being built which will allow north London residents to bring their household recycling to the EcoPark for the first time ever.

Clyde Loakes, Chair of NLWA, visited site this week to see the first pieces of steelwork being put into place and meet some of our Apprentices who are kickstarting their careers as part of this exciting project.

Steve Pate, Project Director of EcoPark South for Taylor Woodrow said, Following successful completion of groundworks, piling and reinforced concrete operations, the start of steelwork marks an exciting milestone for the project. The coming weeks will see the buildings for this this flagship facility really start to take shape.