Allerton Waste Recovery Park

Dr Days to Filton Abbey Wood Capacity Improvement

This project saw us increase a 2-line track railway to a 4-line track railway between Dr Day’s Junction (Bristol Temple Meads) and Filton Abbey Wood Station to relieve a bottleneck that developed due to high passenger and freight flows.

Amongst the works delivered were: ​

  • Circa 15 linear km of plain line track
  • An additional platform at Filton Abbey Wood Station and ramped footbridge access
  • Renewal of Stapleton Road Viaduct
  • Renewal of three footbridges
  • Embankment strengthening at Muller Road Access Point and Ashley Hill Embankment
  • Stabilisation of two cuttings at Horfield and Narroways
  • Grit blasting, painting, waterproofing and strengthening of six underbridges
  • Parapet extensions to 4 overbridges
  • Replacement bridge decks to 2 overbridges