Lean improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement that delivers maximum customer value by recognising and removing waste.

Our team members are empowered and enthused to keep making small improvements to how they work which, when shared across the business, make a big difference to the projects that we deliver.

Our lean approach sees us really focus on what our clients need us to deliver and the steps that are involved in building the project to make sure that everything we do adds value. We use a visual approach to communication and collaborate to form the strongest teams to identify and deliver the most effective solutions.

Measurement is an important part in the process and so we use Lean Maturity Assessments to track our progress on our lean journey. Our National Highways HELMA (Highways Excellence Lean Maturity Assessment) score continues to improve year-on-year and recognises that a very high level of maturity has been reached.

Our lean approach enables us to lower construction and whole life costs, and achieve faster delivery from inception to completion.