Engineering solutions for UK infrastructure

Committed to building a sustainable future for us all, we are bringing our skills to new low carbon energy markets.

We are working with our clients to ensure that energy provision remains resilient throughout the UK’s energy transition. At the same time, we are supporting new clients in emerging areas to meet the commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050. Our clients include those operating in the following areas:

  • Electricity distribution and storage
  • Pipelines
  • Energy storage tanks and facilities
  • Waste recycling infrastructure
  • Hydrogen production, distribution, and storage
  • Carbon capture, distribution, and storage

Our services in these areas include:

  • Feasibility and optioneering studies
  • Buildability and logistics
  • Specialist support during pre-FEED and FEED stages
  • Project delivery in joint venture,  EPC partner or subcontract to main EPC  

Current projects